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Accell Clinical Research, LLC

101 E. Culpeper St., Ste 102
Culpeper, VA 22701
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Ms. Julia Kondakov

Managing Member / Director, Business Development
Location: USA (EST)
Languages spoken: English, Russian

Russian Office

Finlyandskiy pr., 4A, Ste 623
St. Petersburg, 194044, Russia

Tel: +7 (812) 332-1420
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Ukraine Office

Accell Clinical Research
Kharkivske Shose 19, 10 floor, office 3
Kyiv, Ukraine 02090

Tel: +380 44 209-3475
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Fax: +380 44 292-3671

Geographical Coverage

ACCELL operates as a contract research organization (CRO) in Russia, Ukraine and Baltic States. We provide a comprehensive range of clinical trial services, including clinical trial monitoring in Russia and Eastern European countries.

Top reasons to place clinical trials in Russia and Eastern Europe

Suitable Demographics and Disease Profiles

With a total population of over 212 million potential study subjects, the region where ACCELL operates offers unsurpassed clinical trials market potential. The patients are of european origin with similar disease profiles. Russia is the largest European country with approximately 143 million population with treatment-naive patients in many indications, and as yet, an unrealised potential for clinical trials.

Low migration rates and patient compliance induced by the traditional respect of patients to their health care providers offer the benefit of high patient retention rates.

Exceptional Speed

Large, mostly treatment-naïve population is accessible through centralized healthcare systems. Centralized medical centers serve the needs of the patients from large geographic areas, and patients with similar conditions are treated in the same department. Such structure opens up unparalleled access to a diverse patient population and allows companies to recruit up to 10 times faster than in the United States – reducing the time and money required to conduct a clinical trial.

Thus, the region yields an opportunity to reduce time to market and cost of research by drastically reducing the duration of the recruitment phase.

Competitive Cost

ACCELL has established networks of medical institutions in Russia and other countries, which allows rapid identification of the most effective patient recruitment solutions for any particular trial. The region's exceptional recruitment rates reduce the total time necessary to complete the trial and the investigator fees tend to be lower in this region than in the US and Western Europe. Combined, these factors lead to an overall highly competitive costs of clinical research.

High Quality of Data

High quality of data is derived from a combination of positive factors:

  • ICH-GCP standards have been incorporated into the national legislatures.
  • Requirements for Central and Local Ethics Committee Approval are applicable in all countries in the region.
  • Medical education traditionally has been very powerful across the region, resulting in highly qualified doctors working in the national healthcare system.
  • Strict national clinical trial regulations in Russia ensure participation of only the experienced investigators in the studies.
  • Investigational Sites have prior experience in conducting industry-sponsored, ICH-GCP compliant clinical studies.

The quality of research is continuosly monitored by Sponsors, CROs, and FDA to ensure compliance to ICH-GCP and local regulations. Just in Russia alone, 28 FDA inspections have been conducted since 1996 until early 2006 with VAI or NAI classification, which confirms the quality of data.

ACCELL's Quality Assurance Department inspects all studies for compliance to ICH-GCP and local regulations.

Our Experience

ACCELL has been providing clinical CRO services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies since 2007. We know in-depth the clinical trials landscape of the countries where we operate; yet we offer a global approach to study management. We have established professional relationships with the KOLs in major therapeutic areas based on trust and mutual respect.

Senior management of ACCELL Clinical Research has over 12 years of experience in pharmaceutical and CRO industries, working for large international companies. Taken together, this experience translates into solid knowledge applied towards our clients' success.

A Sample of Recent Clinical Study Experience

Phase Indication Therapeutic Area Countries; Patients/Sites
II NSCLC Oncology Russia; 5 sites/20 patients
III Myelofibrosis Oncology Russia; 14 sites/65 patients
III Acute Ulcerative Colitis Gastroenterology Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia; 15 sites/300 patients
II Advanced pancreatic carcinoma Oncology Russia; 5 sites/67 patients
III (2 studies) Hemophilia A Hematology Russia; 1 sites/6 patients
III Head and neck cancer Oncology Russia; 16 sites/36 patients
II Advanced colorectal carcinoma Oncology Russia; 5 sites/25 patients
II/III Advanced oncology disease - solid tumors Oncology Russia; 9 sites/200 patients
III Diabetes Mellitus Endocrinology Russia; 17 sites, 41 patients
Device Study (II) Urinary tract transitional cell carcinoma Oncology Russia; 10 sites/130 patients
II Breast Cancer Oncology Russia; 6 sites/26 patients
II Advanced gastric or gastro-oesophageal junction
Gastroenterology Russia; 7 sites/42 patients
II Deep Venous Thrombosis Cardiology Russia; 14 sites/210 patients
II Alzheimer's Disease Neurology Russia; Consulting
II Myeloid Leukemia Oncology Russia; Consulting
III Lung Cancer Oncology Russia; Ukraine; Consulting
IIb COPD Pulmonology Russia; Ukraine; Consulting
III Lung Cancer Oncology Russia; Ukraine; Estonia; Consulting
Ib Chronic Hepatitis B Infectious Disease Russia; Consulting
II Prostate Cancer Oncology Russia; Ukraine; Consulting

We consider our strength to be in our team members, who bring us their expertise, professionalism and diversity.

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